We Are Creators

LoveTech.Art is home to creators who love art and technology. We craft images with a purpose - to celebrate the world around us and life on Earth in all its complexity and unpredictability.

Our fascination with the natural world means we care deeply about sustainability, so we knew when we created LoveTech.Art, these values had to be front and center. You'll get a deeper sense for who we are by learning about our strict environmental standards for packaging and production.


Our mission is to spread positivity through art and design. Our goal is to provide a positive change in the way people see themselves and the world.

In today's world we experience so much uncertainty. Some of us have retreated from the workplace to our home offices, kitchen tables, repurposed closets or laptops propped up on bed pillows to keep our worlds turning. We know what a destabilizing experience this transition can be, but also that it brings opportunity for change. We've taken inspiration from our own experiences to create art that transforms our new environments into spaces of productivity, connection and focus. The prints we offer are carefully crafted to support a connection to nature and the humans around us.

We believe that art has the power to transform lives around the world and make people happier. That's why we want to share it with you.


We use technology and art to celebrate the world around us.

Despite the effects of digitalization, physical products still make a connection with us. Images on walls and products hanging around us are both evidence and inspiration for our future.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Arleen Lorrance

In the end we are what we surround ourselves with. We believe in surrounding ourselves with images of art and technology that inspire, connect, and celebrate life. In short, we are lovers of technology who just can't help but come up with ways to try to share this love with others. Like we said...Geeks.

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